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Meet the Lab

Trainees in the Charron lab gain hands-on experience with peptide chemistry, organic chemistry, and radiochemistry. Trainees can expect to learn valuable organic techniques such as organic synthesis, column chromatography, TLC, NMR, and MS as well as peptide techniques including solid phase peptide synthesis, post-synthetic modifications, HPLC, and MS.


Interested in joining the Charron lab?

We encourage prospective researchers to apply for internal and external fellowships. In addition to national funding opportunities (NSERC, Banting), Dalhousie offers numerous funding opportunities.  Please follow the link for important information about application procedures and deadlines. Contact Carlie by email for available positions.


Dr. Carlie Charron

Assistant Professor

Ph. D. - Western University (2015, Len Luyt)

PDF - Uni of Melbourne (2017, Craig Hutton)

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Adam Pickett

Undergraduate Researcher

NSERC USRA Award Recipient

Synthesis of oxazole containing amino acids


Zainab Bello

M. Sc. Candidate (2022 - current)

Researching the solid phase synthesis of oxazole containing cytotoxic peptides.


Fanny Vain

Undergraduate Researcher

Sobeys Scholarship Award Recipient

Synthesis of stabilized peptide nanotubes

Past Members


  • Sam Hopkins: Dalhousie Integrated Science Program Winter 2022

  • Charlotte Polo: Dalhousie Integrated Science Program Winter 2022

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