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Halifax Harbour
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The Charron Lab

Peptide Chemistry - Medicinal Chemistry - Radiochemistry

Dalhousie University
Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Latest News:

February 2024:

  • We are looking forward to hosting 2 Faye Sobey Scholars (Adam and Katie) and 1 NSERC URSA scholar (Chloe) in the lab this summer. Stay tuned for exciting research from these talented undergraduates!

January 2024:

  • We're looking for 2 NSERC URSA students for summer research at Dalhousie on the topics of cyclic peptide nanotubes and heterocyclic peptides. Interested? Apply!

September 2023:

  • We are continuing to grow. This term we welcome 4 new undergraduates including 2 honours students Chloe and Alli, and two experiential learning students, Adam and Owen!

March 2023:

  • We are officially NSERC DG funded!

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